last days in dublin {& a giveaway!!!}

Before I left for Dublin, two of my friends who had been there last summer told me that there was one place I absolutely HAD to visit, partly because I am crazy obsessed with baking, and partly because this place is simply


And now I pass this message on to you: go to Queen of Tarts. It took me wayyy too long for me to get my butt there. Don’t be like me.


Chocolate fudge ganache cake. Chocolate chip Bailey’s cheesecake. They also have some real food… if you’re into that (there are times when dessert just has to be your meal. This is one of those times).

PLUS it has a punny name, so naturally I loved it before I even stepped foot inside.


I realized that this sugar rush coincided with (and probably was triggered by) that lovely time of the year called finals. Which led me to my new addiction…


Macarons. Have you ever tried them? You shouldn’t. You will become addicted. Immediately.

They’d always intrigued me, but I was never brave enough to try them (I’m relatively low-risk/wimpy when it comes to new foods, believe it or not). Seriously, my life will probably never be the same. The texture alone is something incredible! Crispy and chewy and gooey and full of flavor from the filling. Kicking myself right now for turning down La Duree when I had the chance.


If you remember, on my first morning upon arriving in Dublin, I saw a rainbow within minutes of getting to campus. Well, fortuitously enough, I saw this DOUBLE rainbow on my very last day. Freaky? I thought it was just a little.


The double rainbow ended a week long rain marathon (one thing I do NOT miss about Ireland), that later turned into a gorgeous golden sunset, a lovely parting sight before my 5 am departure the next morning.


And just like that, it was over and I was on a plane, on my way back to Pennsylvania.


So let’s get back to these amazing macarons. I don’t know if I can ever attempt to make them, because macarons are famously fickle if you want to achieve that perfect texture. Although they don’t require many ingredients, precise measurements are a MUST, and a kitchen scale would be your trusty sidekick for this one.

Well today is a VERY EXCITING DAY, because we have an awesome giveaway for all of you wonderful readers of mine from SlimKicker, a healthy living and fitness app. Check it out! SlimKicker helps motivates you to stay healthy by turning your diet and fitness goals into a game with points, rewards, and challenges. They also have recipes as well as tools for tracking your diet and fitness.

Today, SlimKicker is giving one lucky reader an Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale, Tempered Glass in Elegant Black.


This is a pretttyy nifty scale from the sounds of it, with high precision sensors, touch sensitive buttons, LCD glass screen that displays weights in pounds, kilograms, grams, and ounces, and an award-winning thin design. Plus…batteries are included! Woo

Here’s how to win:

Leave a brief comment with a suggestion on a fun, creative fitness or diet challenge (it should just be 1-2 sentences) and SlimKicker will pick their favorite idea!

Please include an email address so I can contact you! Sadly, this giveaway is only open to U.S. residents because of shipping costs. Sorry! I love you all the same no matter where you are in the world 🙂

The giveaway closes on June 9. Good luck!

16 Replies to “last days in dublin {& a giveaway!!!}”

  1. my family members wear pedometers and we have a friendly competition for who takes the most steps each week. the winner for each week is excused from their chores on Friday night.

  2. Try to limit your exposure to bright screens (i.e.-computers, phones, TV’s) to 3 hours a day max (if possible depending on your type of work) because they have been shown to cause headaches and trouble sleeping, especially if used within an hour of going to bed! This will also test your will power since we are culture obsessed with technology!

  3. I use flax meal and wheat germ in baked goods (cookies, muffins, etc) to sneak some Vitamin B, Omega-3s, and folic acid into less healthy carbohydrate-based foods. I’ll use about 1/2 a cup less then the amount of flour listed in a given recipe and replace it with a mixture of flax meal and wheat germ.

  4. Bake with sprouted whole grain flour instead of regular flour. Sprouted whole grain digests as a vegetable even though it’s a carbohydrate. Personally, I think it tasted better too.

  5. My challenge idea is to be mindful when you eat, and ask yourself whether you really need to eat something when you have cravings.

  6. Replace sugar with honey in tea. Or when making a fruit smoothie put some frozen vegetables in and you will not even know the difference. You will get all the nutrients you need!

  7. Don’t stuff yourself with food in a single sitting; instead have 5 to 6 small meals or snacks in a day.

  8. Avoid taking white foods as they contain large amounts of carbohydrates, which may further lead to weight gain. Replace white sugar, white rice, and white flour with whole grain breads and brown rice.

  9. Once a week, make a habit of washing something thoroughly – could be floor, windows, shower cabin, bathroom tiles, car, etc. It helps in burning out about four calories for every minute spent in cleaning. Healthy body, clean house!

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