madrid pt 5

May 11, 2012

I am about to make you swoon.


And salivate.


And pretty much die over these chocolate con churros.

I mean, I did.


I didn’t forget about these delicious little crispy fried heavenly pastries dipped in a thick hot chocolate sauce. Chocolate that is completely acceptable to drink after you’ve eaten the heck out of your churros. How could I forget my one and only goal of visiting Spain? Okay, not only. But if I had to pick one…

And I don’t even do fried foods. But these were amazing.


Once we were sufficiently sugared up and feeling pretty fat and happy, it was off to see some of the last remaining sights.



We had visited the classical works of El Prado on our first day, and we finished off with the very polar opposite–contemporary pieces at La Reina Sofia.


Picasso and his abstract, discombobulated faces…Dali and his melting objects…


This pendulum…




These were some pretty strange dudes.


We then revisited the Royal Palace that we passed by earlier in the week, but this time we set foot inside!


Although photography was prohibited, I really wish I had sneaked some shots anyway. I think this was one of my favorite parts of the trip. The palace contains almost 3,000 rooms, but visitors are only privy to about 50-some of those. But each room is exquisitely decorated with gorgeous furniture, awesome art that rivaled what we saw in the museums, and luxurious gilded artifacts and jeweled details.


Completely unedited–doom and gloom church across from the palace


We rounded out our last night in Madrid with a traditional tapas style dinner at El Tigre! The food was an adventure, and the manner of ordering was even stranger (order a drink and they start bringing out platters of food at random?). Definitely an experience.


Obviously I can’t end my last Madrid post without mentioning Amy one last time. SO. One of the best things about returning home from traveling–besides spending countless hours going through and editing pictures–is this map. Amy, who you’ve all heard so much about by now that you probably feel like you could be the best of friends (sorry, she’s mine), is an RA, and for her residents’ door decorations this semester, she integrated her love of studying abroad with this sticker map! It’s modeled after Google Maps…but much, much better. And each time I go somewhere new, I excitedly mark it with a sparkly star. And I feel like an honorary resident. And my heart is happy.


These photos are amazing!!
I have only tried churros one time. At a concert, so they were obviously ridiculously overpriced, but VERY good none the less.

Amazing photos! MMMM those churros look so damn tasty. Your whole trip looks incredible, next time you are this side of the pond (or vice versa) we MUST arrange a meet up!

Obviously!!! It will happen one day, we will make sure of it! And thanks! 🙂

Gorgeous photos! And I seriously just want to stick my hand into the computer and grab that goddang churro. It’s killing me!

once again, fantastic pics!! This is the end? wah!!! I’ve enjoyed every bit!! Which church is pictured right after the churros? I’ve never been inside, it looks cool! Thanks again for the fun memories. Necesito regresar a Madrid!

hahahahah “you probably feel like you could be the best of friends (sorry, she’s mine)”

i love you and madrid and the royal palace and churros and these amazing photos and oh yea did i mention you?

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