madrid pt 2


Recognize this square from day one? Plaza Mayor greeted us with a much prettier view on our second day. But I haven’t shown you the best of Plaza Mayor just yet…


Wait for it…



I hope you love this as much as I did…


BUBBLES! Look at those facial expressions. Priceless.


Gigantic, engulfing, glistening, iridescent bubbles!


These were a huge hit with the little nuggets, clearly. But honestly, I felt the same way.


…and so did this dude.


Everything looked a little brighter and happier this day! Recognize this plaza?



We ventured to the Royal Palace on a free guided tour!



Later in the week, I returned to see the absolutely gorgeous and luxurious interior of the palace.


But for now, we were content with seeing all of beautiful Spanish architecture from the outside!



10 thoughts on “madrid pt 2

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  1. I just realized I didn’t know how to say bubbles in Spanish.
    ¡Me encantan tus fotos de las pompas!
    (I love your photos of the bubbles!)
    Te quiero :]
    (I love you :] )

  2. Wow Madrid looks so nice, wish I could visit one day! Great photos on the bubbles!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoy reading yours =)

  3. more fabulous pics!! love, love, LOVE the Plaza Mayor! I never saw the bubble guy but, you’re right, those reactions are priceless. thanks for sharing!!

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