hola, madrid!

May 1, 2012

Upon escaping to the sweet freedom of spring break, I once again hopped on a plane (pretty much more normal than a car for me at this point). This time I found myself in…



We had a disgustingly long spring break (18 days!) that I loved a little too much. I was absolutely spoiled with over two weeks of amazing, exotic traveling…I don’t know how I will handle normality next year.


I was especially excited about Madrid after Amy studied abroad there last semester, regaling me with wonderful stories about the city with which she had fallen in love.


Unluckily for us, always sunny Madrid was a little lackluster on our first day.


But our initial exploration of Madrid was still awesome, and the city only became more and more beautiful as the days went on!


As always, when it comes to food markets, I am weak and defenseless.


Gorgeously swirled meringues calling out my name


But somehow I resisted, if only because my heart was set on something else even sugarier, junkier, and delicious.


That something was chocolate con churros.

These weren’t authentic churros that you eat by dipping in a warm chocolate sauce, but they were pretty fantastic nonetheless. We would return to this little shop for the real deal later 🙂



The first day always consists of meandering around the new city while we get our bearings.



But our first day in Madrid was more of a deliberate wandering


Since goal one was complete (churros), our next destination was the free admission hours at El Prado!


*Note the Eskimo-esque (now that’s a fun thing to say) woman


If you have any appreciation at all for art, this museum is INCREDIBLE. It features so much classical European art, including works by Velázquez and Goya. Las Meninas, The Garden of Earthly Delights, and Saturn Devouring His Son are just a few among the many masterpieces that were unfortunately forbidden from being photographed. But look them up! You’ll recognize them I’m sure. The artwork here was awe-inspiring.


The artist Velasquez himself parked out front!

Much more Madrid to come!


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Fabulous pics of one of my most favorite cities!! I too fell in love with it over 30 years ago while studying as a junior in college. Fun, fun,fun!!

MADRIDDDD! This makes me oh so happy.

p.s. I definitely snuck a photograph of Las Meninas and The Birth of the Milky Way at El Prado. Too bad I never felt bad about it since my camera doesn’t even have a flash.

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