barcelona: la boqueria (part 2)

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE food shopping. Browsing through a cool grocery store (e.g., Wegmans) can probably be classified as one of my favorite pastimes. I practically live at Wegmans, and I fear for myself  if I ever live anywhere close to a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. So... Continue Reading →

soft frosted sugar cookies

Today was one of those days. You can tell I'm having one of those days when I'm wearing my glasses. I rarely wear my glasses past the hours of midnight to 7 am...unless it's one of those late nights with restless sleep, wake up on the wrong side of the bed, ready to crawl back... Continue Reading →


I may be back home in the US, but the travel posts will continue! I still have quite a few cities to go through, including Barcelona, our second stop in Spain. If I had to describe Barcelona in one word, it would be beautiful. I don't think any other city had gorgeous sunny weather that... Continue Reading →

home sweet home

This recipe isn't really anything spectacular. I mean, it's chocolate and Oreos and cheesecake, so you can't go wrong...but while it's certainly delicious, the recipe was just taken off the back of a very un-gourmet box of Baker's chocolate. BUT (and here's a really big but) this cheesecake is pretty special to me because I made... Continue Reading →

madrid pt 5

I am about to make you swoon. And salivate. And pretty much die over these chocolate con churros. I mean, I did. I didn't forget about these delicious little crispy fried heavenly pastries dipped in a thick hot chocolate sauce. Chocolate that is completely acceptable to drink after you've eaten the heck out of your... Continue Reading →

madrid pt 4

As we continue our extensive in-depth Madrid coverage... let me bring you to a little piece of ancient Egypt in Spain! This ancient Egyptian architecture is the Temple of Debod, dedicated to the goddess Isis. It was built in 2 BC (over 2,000 years ago!) and rebuilt in Madrid. Nearby, we happened upon a beautiful... Continue Reading →

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