thursday things [springtime in dublin]

It feels like just yesterday that I was lugging my three enormous oversized (and definitely overweight) suitcases through a foreign, radiantly green campus…but believe it or not, my semester is rapidly drawing to a close.

And even though I have less than a month til I’m back home, Dublin still has some pretty little tricks up its sleeve for me!


Like these fluffy pink flowers I saw on a beautiful spring morning run


Or the incredible waffles and crepes at my new favorite place.


The crazy bicycle contraption that we encountered on campus one day–count the seats on that sucker! Hint: it’s a promotion for SEVEN up.

Obviously we took that baby for a spin.


And probably one of my favorite things to do no matter what country I’m in–sample from the local bakeries :)



Meet my new love–the Reese’s cupcake from Bake My Cake.



Dublin, when you look like this, you kinda make it hard to leave.

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