venice part iii

As I’ve said before, I’m in love with Italy…and I’m not ashamed to admit that a large part of it is because the food is to die for.

Gelato for breakfast?

It happened.


So. Many. Times.

We ate when we were hungry, and we ate when we definitely weren’t. We basically had gelato before and after every meal. We ate until we were absolutely stuffed…and then ate some more.

It was amazing. Theee best pasta, and pizza, and cannoli, and fresh bread I have ever had in my LIFE.


Something else that I could not leave Venice without doing (besides gorging on insanely delicious food)?


A gondola ride, of course!


I can’t even describe how happy this little boat ride made me!


Our gondolier. They really wear the stripes!!!


We started out on the Grand Canal around sunset


But soon snaked our way into the cutest little side canals


Where we ran into my boat :)



It was one of those moments when you can just FEEL yourself making unforgettable memories. I knew before I even left Venice that I would look back on this for the rest of my life, and remember it as one of the best weekends ever.



And though I’ve probably made myself seem like the biggest fatty in the universe with all my talk about the food, the thing I truly enjoyed most of all in Venice was the great company. Traveling with the right people and getting along 24/7 can be tricky, and I hit the jackpot with an awesome group of people.




The final day was a little dreary, so we took it easy and wandered around some more.


We visited one of the islands, Murano, which is famous for its glass making!


Here the glassblowers are in the middle of making vases


And the entire island is basically lined with shops upon shops of delicate, intricate, shimmering glass masterpieces.



Venice was an absolutely wonderful, unforgettable weekend.


Off to España for spring break!

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