Way back when, I promised that a post on Venice was coming soon.

Well, this time I mean it.

Venice starts NOW!


Our first day in Venice was actually just Friday evening–we had quite the logistically complex flying route to get to and from Venice–and then getting ourselves to our hostel was a bit of a journey.


But it was all well worth it when I finally met up with this lovely lady!


We had planned to visit Venice during Carnevale, so we got a glimpse of some of the glamorous and freaky masks that first night. A foreshadowing of the costumed folk masquerading around town that we would see later that weekend!



Venice was so, so pretty. The canals glittering in the nighttime looked like such a fairytale.


A fairytale with some monstrous characters!  Top right corner anyone?



We wandered the alleys on our fruitless exploration to find Saint Marco’s Square. But I’m pretty sure getting lost in Venice is the way to do it.




And then I had my first authentic Italian gelato…and let’s be honest, that was probably my most important goal of the trip. If nothing else had happened but the gelato, I’d still deem the weekend a mega success.


But there was SO much else 🙂 And so much more Venice to cover! Then Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Naples, Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi, Pompei, London (again)…not going to lie, this is kind of stressful. And I realize how awful it is for me to complain about blogging about incredible places. So I’ll shut up.

I’m off to Belgium and the Netherlands for the weekend! Keep an eye out for something delicious on Monday 🙂

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