peanut butter truffles

I think it's obvious how much I love peanut butter and chocolate. So if you ever have the urge to be crafty and make something homemade that tastes better than Reese's... This. Chocolate and peanut butter. Life's essentials. Peanut Butter Truffles 2 cups peanut butter 2 cups graham cracker crumbs 2 cups powdered sugar 1/2... Continue Reading →

thursday things [springtime in dublin]

It feels like just yesterday that I was lugging my three enormous oversized (and definitely overweight) suitcases through a foreign, radiantly green campus...but believe it or not, my semester is rapidly drawing to a close. And even though I have less than a month til I'm back home, Dublin still has some pretty little tricks... Continue Reading →

oreo cheesecake cookies

Baking at school is always such a challenge, not only because of the teeny tiny problem of not having a kitchen, but also because I need to bake things that are easy to transport and share. Sadly, things with frosting or cream cheese are out. And things that aren't individually portioned are just a littttle... Continue Reading →

venice part iii

As I've said before, I'm in love with Italy...and I'm not ashamed to admit that a large part of it is because the food is to die for. Gelato for breakfast? It happened. So. Many. Times. We ate when we were hungry, and we ate when we definitely weren't. We basically had gelato before and... Continue Reading →

ninety second nutella cake

I don't know about you, but I can eat Nutella by the spoonful. But this spoonful is going into a little cake that you can conjure up in mere seconds. We've already discussed how quick, easy, amazing, awesome, and fabulous mug cakes are here. This one adds NUTELLA to the mix. Need I say more?... Continue Reading →

venice part ii

So. Venice. I would give up my iPhone for Venice. For these gorgeous canals, beautiful architecture, and drool-worthy cuisine. Seriously, most amazing weekend ever. We first headed to the elusive St. Marco's Square that we had tried to locate the night before. Turns out it was quite a bit farther than we'd thought--a water taxi... Continue Reading →

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