Our whirlwind weekend ended just as wonderfully as it began–with another nice 6 am flight back to Dublin. I hit the ground running and went straight to class that morning with the utmost enthusiasm.


But I did actually get super excited at one point during my Drama class. The lecture that day was on Hamlet and Shakespeare, so of course The Globe Theatre was mentioned.


And I was like, oh I was at the Globe yesterday. No bigs.

It was a cool moment. Still relishing it a little bit.

We headed to the Borough market first, which was such an experience. The tantalizing smells and sights of the sizzling food being cooked right in front of you, from sandwiches and sausages, to potatoes and cheese, and fruit and vegetables and everything else you could possibly imagine. Fresh and delicious and mouthwatering surrounding you from all sides.


And of course, TONS of desserts.

You didn’t think I’d go through an entireee trip without food pictures, did you?


Annnd just you wait until Venice. Just. You. Wait.

This was the most delicious brownie and Bailey’s cheesecake ever. This alone made me fall in love with London.


Until I saw this breathtaking view and I was a goner.


These sunset London Eye pictures are my absolute favorites so far from my travels.



I cannnnot get enough of this shot.


London, I love you.



We took a ride on the London Eye at sunset, and the transformation from dazzling sunset to beautiful dusk turned out to be the perfect time to take in the spectacular view.




A neighboring pod



And lastly, a beautiful unobstructed view of London from atop the London Eye. Perfect.


Of course we had to visit Platform 9 3/4. It made my life.


King’s Cross Station

Final stop: Harrods.

Harrods = Heaven. In case you were curious.

This place has high end clothes, bags, jewelry, food, chocolates, furniture, electronics, sportswear, EVERYTHING.

My favorite floor? TOY KINGDOM, and I don’t care if that’s weird. That’s where all my Harrods pictures are from. Seroiusly, being in this place made me so happy. I can’t explain it.

These pictures can’t begin to capture how awesome this place is. In an attempt to regain my credibility as a 20-year-old adult…Harrods was fascinating (beyond just the magnificent toys) because it had everything and anything your heart could possibly desire. I’d describe it as museum of contemporary materialism, with merchandise that was top of the line, pristine, and so beautiful and perfect that customers aren’t expected to actually buy anything.  The things at Harrods (and their prices) are a reflection of the excess and highly consumerist society that we live in, and it’s so intriguing to walk through the floors and look at all of the resplendent luxury.

I know this just looked like your typical grocery store, but trust me, it was a million times better…and then some. This is place you need to see for yourself.

And here ends my wonderful British weekend. A Venice post is coming soon, along with some delicious little brownies! Oh, and I’m leaving for Espana tomorrow.

Paella and tapas…and CHURROS CON CHOCOLAT!!! I literally cannot wait.

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  1. THE APPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember the love spell!? hahahahahahaha
    Still waiting for that magic boy to appear.
    (actually, no. my tastes have changed since then…don’t need a new theatre boy.)

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