Dublin must want me to stay, because so far it’s been two for two with beautiful sunny days.

And the exploration continues…

Grafton Street

St. Ann’s Church

St. Stephen’s Shopping Centre being punny


My kind of city

Infamous Temple Bar

The River Liffey

Oh hey Dublin sunset, how’d you know my favorite colors? 🙂

First pub nightlife experience

Some noteworthy highlights of the day:

  • hearing a swoon-worthy guitarist playing “I’m Yours” and “Hey, Soul Sister” on Grafton St.
  • quaint little cobblestone alleys–high risk of sprained ankle, but incredibly cute anyway
  • learning what “half-one” means (1:30 am)
  • learning aforementioned phrase from a borderline too friendly bartender…because apparently I wanted to know when he got off his shift
  • being interviewed for an Irish radio station…about underwear
  • successfully taking the bus to and from the city (an impressive feat, especially if you know about my bus struggles at school)
  • also successfully NOT sleeping through another mandatory meeting
  • feeding my Starbucks addiction overseas
  • hunting down H&M, Forever 21, and Zara
  • a student welcome event with wine & canapés, and visiting the student bar afterwards–I could so get used to this
  • buying a fuzzy fleece blanket from t.k.maxx to replace the crappy duvet that came with the room…yes, that’s a K
  • getting about 67 dirty looks today from walking on the right side of the street
  • pub hopping, live music, new friends

I think I’ll stay a while.

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