thursday (thanksgiving!) things


So I’m currently working on a European addendum to my bucket list. First on the list? (Okay, maybe second. Gelato in Italy is my ultimate dream.) Campodimele, Italy with one of my favorite people, Tyne. Doesn’t the Village of Eternal sound utterly surreal and fantastic?

Do you remember when you were little and you had some brilliant, extraordinary scene resplendent in your mind…and then you tried to translate it onto paper? This is so cute.

Speaking of how adorable children are, I finally watched the documentary Babies. All I want for Christmas is a Mongolian baby.

Does this trailer make you tear up as much as I did?

Okay, back to the cuteness: Cutest bread I’ve ever seen

Can soup be cute?  Oh yes it can.

Sweet new kicks #obsessed

My sweet new kicks. I’m obsessed.


Another item to add to the bucket list: replicate this photo


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am eternally grateful for all of you: all you lovely readers who take the time to look at my little blog; my amazing, supportive, and loving friends, both old and new (including the awesome people I’ve met through blogging!), and near and far (especially some of my best friends studying abroad–I miss you terribly!); and my wonderful family and boyfriend.

Now go eat lots of pumpkin pie! (from Bake at 350) I love a good pun.

AND it’s officially time for Christmas decorations! 🙂

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