cinnamon sugar honey graham crackers

Looks like a graham cracker. Smells like a graham cracker. But tastes a million times better than the good ol' Honey Maid that you're probably used to. I feel a little bit guilty because store-bought graham crackers have never failed me. They are addictively delicious and make killer s'mores. But how can you compare anything... Continue Reading →

thursday (thanksgiving!) things

So I'm currently working on a European addendum to my bucket list. First on the list? (Okay, maybe second. Gelato in Italy is my ultimate dream.) Campodimele, Italy with one of my favorite people, Tyne. Doesn't the Village of Eternal sound utterly surreal and fantastic? Do you remember when you were little and you had... Continue Reading →

blue moon cupcakes

See that blurry blue? The swooping sash? Could it be? Oh yes. Blue Moon. In these cupcakes. These cupcakes were a collaborative effort by James and me! In the absence of a mixer at school, my boyfriend was an excellent replacement. He creamed the butter and sugar like a pro. I honestly was really nervous... Continue Reading →

be a friend

I don't think I've ever mentioned before how awesome I think Joy the Baker and her blog are. It's preposterous that I haven't. Because they are. Her recipes are absolutely beautiful and genius, and you should totally check them out. But what I want to share now is this advice from her blog earlier this week: Tell... Continue Reading →

fat fluffy snickerdoodles

I realize that these look nearly identical to the pumpkin snickerdoodles. But how can you say no to thick and fluffy cinnamon clouds? You can practically taste the sugary crunch on the outside when you look at the sparkly crystals. They may be lacking in pumpkin spice, but when you bite into these super soft pillows... Continue Reading →

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