thursday things

Practically gourmet looking pumpkin spice crepe from the dining hall? Who knew! Oh PSU, you fancy huh?

I’m in love with these. If only I had a real reason to give them out.

Nicaraguan chocolate from my favorite jet setting friend who brings me back chocolate from all over the world 🙂

MY NEW FRIEND SIRI. Who refuses to indulge me in my lame jokes. I’m not sure how viable this relationship will be…

But I am loving finally having that forward facing camera.

Plus, I am beyond excited for this DESSERT FESTIVAL that I’m going to tomorrow with Annamaria! How amazing amazing amazing does that sound? You can bet on tons of photographic documentation 🙂

So Siri is great at answering questions (albeit in an eerie, artificial intelligence kind of way). I had to ask her…what is the meaning of life?

Ponder THAT.

3 Replies to “thursday things”

  1. Uhhh…I know I’ve only been out of college for 5 years, so someone needs to explain the fact that dining halls have food like that now. So unfair. When I first saw the pic I thought it was some gourmet concoction that you made, not cafeteria food!

  2. Food at my school never looked like this! I attended Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science it was not far from the Main Line which had tons of restaurants Thank Goodness!
    Also…I love Siri. She is now my new best friend..I must be lonely! LOL

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