So originally, I was going to be here in five months.

But after some serious introspection…


I will now be spending my spring semester at the University College Dublin!




I have heard so many wonderful things about this lucky land, and I just want to be there already! The rest of the semester will be the longest nine weeks of my life.

I am also unbelievably, so incredibly excited to travel all around Europe!







Sightseeing by a River, Prague, Czech Republic




Speaking of London…

There are many reasons for this change of heart, but I can’t deny that it was inspired in part by one of my best friends and her amazing blog. If you enjoy beautiful pictures and stories of European travels, you will love Amy Goes Abroad. Amy is in London as we speak!

Now that I’m going to Europe, I have a whole lot more to add to the bucket list. I think I’ll start with this:

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

Another tantalizing European destination, courtesy of James. One of the perks of your boyfriend being a film guy 🙂 Videos like that…and this.

2 Replies to “slight change of plans”

  1. AHHH why can’t we be traveling Europe and exploring all of these beautiful countries together?! I know you’re going to have such a wonderful time though and I’m really excited for you (and jealous because I know I’ll be missing Europe by the time you get there)!

    P.S. You’re such an amazing friend I love and miss you sooooo much!

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