a quest

There are certain foods that go with certain times of year. Like...ice cream cake or watermelon in the winter gives me weird feelings. And baking gingerbread men just feels wrong in August. But the slight bite of chilliness in the mornings and at dusk, hinting that colder weather is swiftly on its way, has got me... Continue Reading →

dark chocolate zucchini bread

I feel like this recipe is one of those see-it-to-believe-it things. Or rather, eat it to believe it. But if there's anything you can be sure absolutely sure of, it's that everything must pass the very highest standards in amazing looks and taste to make it on this blog. This is as moist and rich as... Continue Reading →


These are what I was known for all throughout high school...back in the day (feeling a little old). I think I brought these in twice a month. At least. And out of all the things that I could possibly bake, these were what my friend Ankit requested for his birthday last week. These are the first... Continue Reading →

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