addicted to instagram


My beautiful little babies. It’s been a while since I’ve made these incredible Oreo balls–recipe coming soon!


My second official homecooked meal. I am quite proud.

da9b610f11f2427c9c1df50346b98552_7Postcard from Peru :)

41dbf931d8db4bba8dbd2ab8e1c18510_7One of my best friends, Chris, climbed Machu Picchu. Nbd. (This mountain climbing Chris and the bearer of cocaine candy Chris are one and the same).

752b306e35ec4cc295e51051a76486a6_7The post doc in my research lab forced me to attend a quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction workshop (it was as riveting as it sounds), but getting free pizza from Faccia Luna (the absolute best restaurant in State College, in my opinion) was fair compensation.


The first thing I do every single time I come home.

bc74bdeeb3d1422caa4f17add5207852_7Romper :)


A sweet card from your best friend just because.

7e2953ab917e443bbdc5afc3bc7f85a4_7It’s the little things.

One thought on “addicted to instagram

  1. I love, love, love instagram. I want an iPhone solely so I can play with it.
    And idk who gave you that last card but she seems pretty cool. ;)

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