how i beat the mid-week slump

July 20, 2011

dsc_8204brownies 1. Friends who bring you dark chocolate mocha brownies [thanks, Madhu!]

tumblr_l94fjlCr1x1qavu0zo1_5002. Boy Meets World wisdom

Photo on 2011-07-20 at 01.31 #2 3. Cinnamon graham crackers

da4e90c57bdd4e4aa3284d4125e58ae9_7 4. Cherry butts (and Instagram)

) first legit home-cooked meal

5. Cooking my first real home-cooked meal! Recipe to come soon

photo (28)
photo (29)

6. Jewelry that I can look down at for some instant inspiration

7. And last but most certainly not least…my new feather hair extensions 🙂

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